I just want to change lives

Ausar was born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, a community that’s gilded in authenticity and creative expression. Being wrought from that same cloth, he is driven by the countless number of artists who’ve cemented their music throughout the city. He makes it a point to focus on craftsmanship and storytelling — the elements that form the core of his bouncing melodies and inspirational lyricism. But simply put, Ausar just wants to change lives with his music.

Ausar’s back with a visual in support of his latest single, "Wholetime" — filmed by the ingenious Danny Photo. In the video, Ausar confronts the everyday challenges of life and attempts to highlight the humor in those situations. It’s Ausar’s hope that people learn to laugh at themselves more and take life less seriously.

Filmed and directed by Danny Photo

Instagram: @_dannyphoto_
Twitter: @_dannyphoto_

"Dirty Laundry" is Ausar's first visual from his newest project, "The 6 Page Letter". Filmed and directed by Pat Banahan, the video expresses Ausar's inner turmoil with coming clean about his recent problems -- in a fun and lighthearted way. With help from fellow members of his music collective, A.I.M. (Josi Green & Plainro), the visual becomes just as captivating as the song itself.

Filmed and directed by Pat Banahan

Instagram: @PatBanahan
Twitter: @PatBanahan

Ausar opened up for Malcolm London at the Canopy Club in March of 2018.

Filmed and edited by Boots Howard

Instagram: @itmedrchad
Twitter: @itmedrchad

Ausar performs "Street Clothes" — acapella — at SofarSounds Chicago on May 6, 2017. Learn more about SoFarSounds Chicago.

Filmed by: Erin Turney and Alex Kapp
Edited by: Erin Turney
Audio by: Mystery Street Recording

Ausar performs "Rise" with his band at SoFarSounds Champaign. Learn more about SoFarSounds Champaign or sign-up at

Filmed by: Stewart Arp, Cory Van Duyne, Kimmy Mueller, and Eddy Wong
Edited and audio by: Stewart Arp

Filmed and directed by: Veronica Mullen

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