I just want to change lives

Ausar was born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, a community that’s gilded in authenticity and creative expression. Being wrought from that same cloth, he is driven by the countless number of artists who’ve cemented their music throughout the city. He makes it a point to focus on craftsmanship and storytelling — the elements that form the core of his bouncing melodies and inspirational lyricism. But simply put, Ausar just wants to change lives with his music.

Ausar at YCA - February 2018 (2).jpg

Being raised on the South Side, Ausar fell in love with Chicago music and was inspired to rap by some of the city's artists that came before him.

Aside from his hometown favorites (like Common and Kanye), Ausar also grew up listening to gospel, R&B, and soul. These things have come together to form his bouncing melodies and rousing lyricism, and no matter who he performs with — whether it be Lil Durk, Wyclef, Rakim, or Jamila Woods — Ausar’s goal has always remained the same: he's just tryna to change lives with his music.


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