I just want to change lives

Ausar was born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, a community that’s gilded in authenticity and creative expression. Being wrought from that same cloth, he is driven by the countless number of artists who’ve cemented their music throughout the city. He makes it a point to focus on craftsmanship and storytelling — the elements that form the core of his bouncing melodies and inspirational lyricism. But simply put, Ausar just wants to change lives with his music.

Prod. by ro marsalis

Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Tidal.

Chicago rapper, Ausar, and longtime collaborator, Ro Marsalis, team up for an ear-grabbing new track titled “Familiar.” The single is driven by Ro’s production, while Ausar shines in a triumphant re-emergence. The first half of “Familiar” might be rather unfamiliar to Ausar’s growing fan base as the lyricist shows off his singing skills, sharing a story of distant love through reverberant and echoing harmonies. Then the beat switches. Among the climbing synths, Ausar flaunts some serious lyrical ability while reaffirming his status in the game. Ausar is truly back in his bag. Get familiar.


Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Tidal.

Produced by Andre Joyner, WHOLETIME’s head-nodding instrumental waves on top of Ausar’s poetic wordplay. With versatility, Ausar changes his flow and layers the song with melodies from Plainro (Ausar's longtime collaborator). WHOLETIME is equally as ear-pleasing as it's uplifting, and will surely appease Ausar's older fans while adding something fresh to his body of work.