I just want to change lives

Ausar was born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, a community that’s gilded in authenticity and creative expression. Being wrought from that same cloth, he is driven by the countless number of artists who’ve cemented their music throughout the city. He makes it a point to focus on craftsmanship and storytelling — the elements that form the core of his bouncing melodies and inspirational lyricism. But simply put, Ausar just wants to change lives with his music.

Album Artwork - The 6 Page Letter.png

The 6 Page Letter

by Ausar

Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Tidal.


Unable to immediately reattend college for a semester, “The 6 Page Letter” was born after a friend hand-wrote a letter sharing her faith in my journey. After drumming along on pennies, couch surfing, and relying on friends for groceries, her words resurged my trust in God and my craft. She encouraged me to confront my fears of failure and success, and settled my questions about whether I was ready for what I had been praying for.

This music holds more than my narrative — I want this project to give solace to everyone who’s taking that uncomfortable road towards their dreams. A letter was written for me to continue to press forward, so in that same spirit, this is my letter to you.

The message is uplifting and the guest appearances are equally as inspiring — features include Femdot, IsaiahG, Christian JaLon and many others. Lyrical Lemonade labeled this album as one of the 50 Best Chicago Albums of 2016, and The Chicago Reader called it, “sure footed and professionally polished”.